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  • R218D


  • R215X

    R215X2x15High Power Two Way Full Range

  • R15X

    R15X15 High Power Two Way Full Range

  • R115LA

    R115LA15Line Array Subwoofer

  • R110LA

    R110LA X10ine Array Two Way Full Range

  • X121D

    X121D21Horn Loaded High SPL Subwoofer

  • X215LA

    X215LA 2X15 High Power Three Way Line Array

  • X118D

    X118D 18Horn Loaded High SPL Subwoofer

  • X123

    X123 Three Way High SPL Full Range

  • X210LA

    X210LA 2X10Line Array Two Way Full Range

  • MK12

    MK12 12 Full Range Karaoke Speaker

  • S15

    S15 15Two Way Full Range

  • S8

    S8 8 Two Way Full Range

  • PA18FT-29


  • PA726AL

    72.2mm V.C high output compression drive

  • MX5


  • MX4800 \ MX6400

    MX4800 \ MX6400 Power Amplifier


About Us

Welcome To MAXO
Founded in 2000, YIWU REALSOUND ELECTRONICS is an export-oriented enterprise specialized in all loudspeakers developing and manufacturing areas covering professional audio and car audio products with a good reputation. After the development of the technology in audio product developing and manufacturing as well as the accumulation of the market experience for many years, we establish MAXO brand which is special for the high-end professional speakers and speaker system products.
MAXO is driven by a forefront engineer team in China of people who themselves have a passion for the audio engineering and application, All of the MAXO product are designed using the finest materials without compromising on quality for cost reasons or other factors, and the philosophy that precisely designed, precisely assembled and strictly step by step QC ensures the MAXO product for most excellent and reliable.
MAXO will strive to manufacture the world-class professional product and never compromise on its objectives.

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